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      Zhejiang Aoya weaving Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, is a research and development, production, sales, service as one of the world's leading elastic ribbon production enterprises. Products are widely used in clothing, medical supplies, sporting goods, sports clothing and other categories. Sales are all over the world.

     The company has international advanced professional equipment and leading technology. At present, there are mainly knitting products, woven products, jacquard products, special products, ear belt and other five production workshops, with more than 1000 sets of production equipment, nearly 50000 square meters of modern workshops, 1000 square meters of RESEARCH and development center and testing room. 

Development Path

Within one month, a production workshop of face mask and ear band was set up, and it was listed as a key enterprise of anti-epidemic materials in Zhejiang Province. Has played an active role in the global campaign against the new coronavirus epidemic in 2020

1 Pass ISO 14000 /ISO 4500 certification

Multiple honors-witness the strength of Australia and Asia

R & D Center

The building area is 1000 square meters, 1 supporting laboratory, 1 product research and development center, 1 equipment research and development center, design and development office, and more than 60 sets of various research and development equipment.

Fan Ping-Director of R&D Center

The company currently has 245 employees, including 37 full-time R&D personnel, including university degree and There are 28 personnel with intermediate titles. The current director of the R & D base is Fan Ping, Zhejiang Sci-tech University, Tsinghua University EMBA.

Equipment development

Increase the research and development of jacquard and wide width weaving equipment, < br> and By 2024, the number of innovative jacquard equipment will be doubled, and the total number will reach 320 sets Become the industry's first innovation products, production capacity first.

Scientific research results

Obtained 3 invention patents 2 invention patents have been accepted Obtained 14 utility model patents Participated in the revision of 2 textile industry standards of "Elastic Belt" and "Woven Belt" Responsible for drafting 1 item of "Elastic Band" Zhejiang Manufacturing Group Standard Participating in the industry of "Referring to Product Physical and Mechanical Performance Test Methods" Standard revision

Cooperation with Donghua University

Signed a technical cooperation agreement with Donghua University in 2019, Intention to cooperate with Zhejiang Sci-Tech University Textile Materials College to jointly develop elastic webbing New products in the field. Among them, the use of recycled fiber materials in webbing has been mass-produced, and Promotion among customers; the successful development of new conductive webbing, the application in the medical field, Achieve good results.

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